This site documents the building of a concertina, specifically an English concertina.

If you are not sure what a concertina is, a straight-to-the-point, complete overview of history, types, buying advice, makers and repairs, is here: Chris Timson's
Concertina FAQ.

• For really in-depth, go to Robert Gaskins’ beautiful
Concertina Library – a true reference site.

• The day-to-day business of the concertina happens at - the planet’s concertina hub.

• A vast, historic overview, a virtual museum with detailed photos of instruments,
is found at Neill Wayne’s
The Concertina Museum Collection.

The Concertina Journal is an online project for publication of articles related to all aspects of the concertina.

Concertina makers
Today, basically only a handful of people build the instrument:

- Colin & Rosalie Dipper (no web site), but their son, John:
John Dipper
C Wheatstone & Co
Anthony James - hybrids
Marcus Music - hybrids
A C Norman - hybrids
Wolverton Concertinas - both
- Holden Concertinas - restoring & traditional reeded (own reeds), made to order

The Irish Concertina Company - both
- José Claro Concertinas - both. Lerma, Upper Oakpark Rd, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Suttner Concertinas
7Mount Concertinas

Frank Edgley - both

- Alabama:
Bob Tedrow - hybrids
- Kentucky:
Carroll Concertinas
- Maryland:
Kensington Concertinas
- Maryland:
Thomas Concertinas
- Massachusetts:
The Button Box - hybrids
- Washington State:
The Concertina Connection - both

Chris Ghent

“Hybrids” and “both” – what’s a hybrid?

All photos and illustrations ©Henrik Müller unless otherwise noted