This site documents the building of a concertina, specifically an English concertina.

If you are not sure what a concertina is, a straight-to-the-point, complete overview of history, types, buying advice, makers, repairs, is here: Chris Timson's "
Concertina FAQ".

• For really in-depth, go to Robert Gaskins’ beautiful ”
Concertina Library” – a true reference site.

• The day-to-day business of the concertina happens at ”” - the planet’s concertina hub.

• A vast, historic overview, a virtual museum with detailed photos of instruments, is found at Neill Wayne’s ”
The Concertina Museum Collection”.

Concertina makers
Today, basically only a handful of people build the instrument:

- Colin Dipper (no web site)
John Dipper
C Wheatstone & Co
Anthony James - hybrids
Marcus Music - hybrids
A C Norman - hybrids
Wolverton Concertinas - hybrids

The Irish Concertina Company - both
- José Claro Concertinas - both. Lerma, Upper Oakpark Rd, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Suttner Concertinas
7Mount Concertinas

Frank Edgley

- Alabama:
Bob Tedrow - hybrids
- Kentucky:
Carroll Concertinas
- Maryland:
Kensington Concertinas
- Maryland:
Thomas Concertinas
- Massachusetts:
The Button Box - hybrids
- Washington State:
The Concertina Connection - both *)
*) The Concertina Connection even has a kit available, if you long for something to put together ;-).

Chris Ghent

”Hybrids”, ”both” – what’s a hybrid?

All photos and illustrations ©Henrik Müller unless otherwise noted