The action
I want to see the action before I build it. But in order to do that, I have to... etc. There are several designs for the action mechanics. I settled for a combination of Wheatstone levers (I like the stiffness of the brass plate) and Geuns-Wakker lever posts (no sideways movement, and they can be mounted with screws). I can't make them myself, though.

Ideally, I would have all levers the same length. After I got the reeds and started to place levers and pads on the computer drawing, I realized that I would have to settle for "most levers same length."


I built an animation of the action in Flash, with the grid set so that one pixel = one millimeter (pixels don't really make sense in Flash, but it is a useful unit for screen). It meant that when the animation started to look decent, I could simply note the actual dimensions of the elements (button, cap, lever, lever post and pad) and use them for the actual building.

Note that the buttons go all the way down...

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