Time for ”Thanks for your support”
This has not been a completely solitary travel – for certain mechanical details I have drawn upon a small network of people (some I knew already, some I had to find along the way):

Alf is ten minutes away, across the woods from our place.
He is an outstanding cabinet maker/designer with a workshop
filled with precision woodworking machinery. He kindly
donated wood (well-dried maple) for the concertina project
and has seen most of the details in the process.

A high-tech tool maker, another ten minutes down another road.
Roy's workshop (in an old school building, where he and his family also lives) is filled with large, CNC machines and tools. Go see this man, if you want to know what precision really means!

Dr. Stuart Clyens is a research engineer, a Yorkshire man settled in Denmark, old friend, ex-colleague, musician (flute, box). With a colossal knowledge of physics, materials and how to apply the first to the latter.