More on action board
Confused? Look at the action animation (11). It shows a sandwich of the action board on top, the base plate in the midddle and in the bottom - inside the bellows frame – the reed pan base.

The sandwich is now placed on the bellows, and held by left side frame (screwed onto the bellows).

The whole thing is placed on something taller than the slack bellows (a roll a paper tissue). This forces the reed pan plate against the base plate, when three 3 mm holes are drilled through and three pieces of birch grill skewer are inserted.

Next, five 3 mm holes are drilled through the action board and base plate. On the back side of the base, five modified 3 mm nuts are inlaid. The action board is now shaped (and can be removed and rebuilt, should it be necessary).

Hand-drilling for guiding pin
(for gluing the reed pan onto the other side)

Closing old guide holes

Inserting modified 3 MG nuts

Action board shaped and in place

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