Button templates
The reedpans are not dead, they are only resting…

So, new focus: in the machine workshop I cut brass sheet for levers and for the button templates. Small plate strips always deform, so they need a whack with a rubber hammer and some hand-twisting.

The templates are clamped to the sides and holes are drilled (the sides = templates). Each side's vertical center line is drawn onto them. Two paper prints with the button patterns are glued onto the plates. Mark, drill and paper off - templates are ready. For what?

As guides for drilling 2 mm holes through everything: action board, base plate and, eventually, German silver ends.

Raw action plates are temporarily fixed (using Swedish grill skewers (birch = they burn really well)).

Whacked and twisted (back to normal)

We need some backlightning

Glue paper design onto the brass

The button plate on top of the base plate

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