The first set-back!
It takes one evening to rout the connecting walls and a Saturday afternoon to rout the walls (in pairs, so that tracks match optimally. Looks good.

Until I test it on top of the reed baseplate - it is too wide!! Panic sets in... then I realize that I probably have forgotten to change the wall thickness on the computer drawing from my first info about it (6.4 mm) to the actual thickness (6.6).

And I also allowed 0.2 mm too much for the connecting wall width, thinking that there was room enough. So this has been a case of accumulating errors.

New plan: I will have to see Alf, get down on my knees and ask him to make me new strips - 6.0 mm and solid maple this time. Plywood never really felt right (I can almost hear Frank Edgley chuckling and saying: "I could have told you that."). Nothing beats mistakes when it comes to learning things - this will teach me!

Ready to test

Buuh – too wide; my nose grows long…

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