Reeds and reedpan
Now to more interesting matters: a small package arrived from Italy the other day! I hardly dare to breathe when I unfold it – what a fine sight!

Each reed-plate is measured, and the left reed pan - vertical plywood strips with plywood crossbeams, is designed in my trusty Canvas 3.5 (1993) drawing program.

Alf now makes me long strips of 6 mm (6.6) plywood, plus lots of very short ones. I sand down the short ones to exactly 17 mm, one by one.

Back in the kitchen, two tools are built: a small, caliper-like thingie that holds five crossbeams so they can be routed on all four sides. It is too unstable (and hazardous) to try and hold one at a time. The Dremel runs 30.000 RPM - but it is not going to be through my fingers!

A package from Italy arrived

Don’t breathe!

Router thingie, ready to go

Two sides out of four

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