Finishing the frames
The 12 little profiles I trimmed two days ago can now be glued to the frames.
The operation that is to follow is not something I look forward to: routing a track for the end bolt heads. It requires the making of a new routing table.

On top of that, I realise that I have forgotten about the diameter of the end bolts head: there will be virtually no wood left in the profile after routing, so there is a great risk that the wood will burn. I have to add a thin (0.5 mm) strip of beech veneer to compensate for that. That was another half day...

It took two days to build the new routing table, and it took less than one hour to rout the tracks, but it was worth it; it worked very well.

Gluing profiles onto the frame

Careful there!

So far, so good

Adding more wood

After two days: ready to rout

Ah, it works well!

Glad it’s over!

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