End boxes, top profiles
I would have preferred bevelled metal ends, but that is easier said than done – bevelled, blank (empty) German silver plates in the dimension I need is not something one buys around the corner (to put it mildly). So it was Plan B: flat metal plate ends, inset inside a wooden profile on top of the frames.

Now it was time to go and see Alf - a fabulous cabinet maker, 10 minutes away. He has some great machinery, and in 2 minutes he produced a maple stick, 6x8 mm, 120 cm long, enough for the 12 profiles. He also has this wonderful sander, where you can set an angle and sand down in 1/10 mm steps, if you are careful.

I also had to build a primitive routing table for my old (1972) Dremel.

Alf’s handiwork

The routing table

First run: 1x2 mm

Second run: ball-shaped router bit

Sanding test: 60° angle

Final trimming

Testing the fit

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