End boxes = the frames and end plates
Before the profiles are glued on to the top of the frames, I need to rout a track for the base plate. This track should, optimally, have been done before the frames were assembled, but since the gentle folks at Marcus supplied me with ready frames, it had to be done this way.

The tracks are cleaned/filed/sanded, and the baseplates (4 mm plywood) are cut. I chipped one plate a couple of places and had to repair it (that particular stretch of wood is critical for airtightness).

The base plates are carefully sanded down to fit into the routed track and the holes are hand–drilled through the plates.

Time for the first pressure test! It feels very good.

Routing for the base plate

Routing done!

Hand-drilling holes for end bolts

Damage repair

Yes! Airtight!

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