Detour: ”Reeds”

Here is No. 2 in all its glory:

Alf's photo, cropped, webadresse

See? Not at all bad.

But what are all the harmonicas doing there? They are there, because this is a PR photo for ”Reeds” - the duo I’ve shared since 2016 with Joel Andersson, an amazing, young Swedish harmonica player.

But why are they in bits and pieces?! Because Joel is also a
Hohner Affiliated Customizer - he makes, according to many, some of the very best harmonicas in the world. Should that tickle your curiosity, then here is the place:

Here’s what we do:

Grrr! I can’t make it larger - click ”Full screen”

Okay, okay! Can we get back to the subject: using old reed pans to create a new instrument?!!!

Sure. The instrument is a WiMo...

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