2018 - a year of surprise
In May 2018, I was contacted by a man in Scotland who had looked at my web site. He expressed great interest in the changes I had made to the English concertina. He had played English and was having thoughts and ideas along the same lines as I: how can we improve playability?

In June, after several more e-mails, he commissioned Alex Holden, a concertina maker from Lancashire, to build a set of “replacement end boxes” for his 1914 Wheatstone concertina - after my guidelines.

“Replacement” means exactly that: you take the original ends off, store them safely - screwed on to a thick, wooden board. Put on the new ends, and voila! - a new instrument!

So I produced a set of drawings with the “vital characteristics” for the end boxes, and a set of hand straps, laser cut and engraved by Joel, my harmonica making friend. Choice of wood, fretwork design, and colours was left to Alex.

Here is the result:

Photo by courtesy of Alex Holden

The best way to highlight the differences in the replacement ends, is to look at new and old:

Müller-Holden w. old ends
Photo by courtesy of Alex Holden

The only characteristic you can not see here is that the buttons go all the way down...