The rest
I have left out of the description of making the end boxes. No news there, except the colour. It was done outdoors, with a can of black car lacquer:


Then the rest: posts, levers, springs and buttons. Suttner buttons again - this time the length fits, even though something went wrong somewhere: the buttons were high enough to stick their heads up, approx. 1 mm from the ends. That’s too much... so I remove the little felt washers under all buttons - perfect:

All the way down

No - it’s not pretty, only from a distance, but that’s cosmetics. At some point, I hope to take the whole thing apart and spray the ends again, with several coats, with polishing in between. Let’s see.

I hope the lack of felt washers doesn’t make the the buttons go click-click! Now, that gave me an idea...

The rest: hand rests, hand straps and the little metal eyelet that hold them, assemble everything, reed pans (with soft leather replacing the 1909 chamois).

How does it feel?! How does it sound?!
It feels a little
wobbly - the hand straps seem to move too much, hmmm. The sound? Very, very good, and as expected, a little ”rounder” than the original with metal ends.

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