The buttons, final shape
The buttons need an adjustment in diameter - some more work on my ”high-precision” lathe. Next step is to countersink the cross holes for the buttons' felt bushings. The bushing are mounted using
Bob Tedrow's button bushing technique. Works like a charm.

Mounting pads: first the leather beads are made by punching 1 mm holes in 4 mm leather, then punching 5 mm holes around them.

Glue the
sampers (the thin, soft, circular leather bit) onto the pad. Then glue beads onto the levers, tips are roughened with 2 x 4 careful chisel cuts. Finally the pads are placed on the pencil outline and the bead glued onto the samper. The action is mounted with preliminary springs with a test endplate.

The high-precision lathe is in business again –

Holes for the levers, countersunk by hand –

Thanks, Bob Tedrow! Very smooth!

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