The instrument was presented at the Scandinavian Squeeze-In 2006 and was played during the weekend and the following days. As it turned out, it wasn’t ready...

Mistakes? Oh, lots... a big one and some small ones. The big mistake:

I had placed some reeds with the vibrating end
outwards - it had the benefit of making some levers very short. But on the (hard) push and with bellows almost closed, the tip of the reed could hit the bellows cardboard and emit an amazing noise. Grrrrr! Stupid!

Had I studied the photos of open Morse concertinas on the Button Box site more carefully, I might have seen the light. But it is fixable – a good thing that I can take the whole thing apart. Back to the workshop!

The small mistakes are mainly cosmetic, and mostly fixable.

The action is wonderful, but too light – new springs will change that. The springs were steel – I couldn’t find spring brass – and they ended up being too weak.

Another project is to build a concertina case; the old ones I have are too small.

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