Thumb straps and seat belts
The thumb straps: they need to be comfortable, and narrower than normal, since my intention is that the thumb goes all the way through. I start with a leather core folded round the brass base. Then add strips of felt for softness. The whole thing is covered with soft goat leather, with a strip to seal the seam.

Oh, and by the way,
seat belts: the pads need small, thin leather straps over the leather beads, to take up the stress on the sampers during fast and violent playing.

I try the buttons – nice, but they click
there is no felt under them (I didn’t know if it was necessary, since they go "fully depressed” – in contrast to other instruments. Ah, well, I punch out felt rings and add them.

The next step is lacquering – the one thing I am not looking forward to... I definitely fear the pores in the rosewood – there are still some left, even though I tried to fill them.

Start of thumb strap -

Soft on the inside –

Goat on the outside –

Seatbelts glued onto pads

End-stop felt in place –

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