Correcting mistakes
Right! It plays again, after a lot of work! But am I glad that I made the thing so it could be taken apart!

The left side: two new air holes – and close the old ones.
The right side: five new air holes – and close the old ones.

Alf turned me some slightly conical maple plugs to block the old holes.

Some reeds, differing in length, had to swap places: which meant hack down a maple wall and make a new. The outer reeds parallel to the sides had to be lowered, otherwise they would still bang against the bellows, which meant 2-3 mm routed off the reed pan = Dremel & nervous sweating.

Reed swapping means changing the button plates and even sawing out 3 new levers. Took a month and a half.

Spot the mistakes!

Cutting butter again –

New holes made, old ones plugged –

Moving my expensive lever post around. Worth every penny!

Cutting new lever –

Removing rivet –

See? The reed pan’s been lowered –

The octopus on its way back to the cage –

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