The dovetail-tracks for the reeds
Here we go! This is done outside = no problems with all the wood particles:


The reed pan is guided by a 28mm plastic insert, which sits on a 5mm steel pin that can slide back and forth on the router table.

And the pin is
offset, OK? Offset from the table’s centerline – otherwise we would be routing into the walls, yes?

Each wall acts as an end-stop: the reed pan is turned slightly counter-clockwise against the little, flat brass thingie that can be seen behind the router bit and the two Delrin clamps are tightened. But before that is done, the table is pushed as far as it goes and the pan is moved until the edge of the router bit aligns with the pencil mark that indicates the tip of the reed frame.

When the “wall side” is done, the pan is flipped over and the same is done on the “in-side”:




The air holes
With a little mark-up guide, the starting points for all the air holes are marked:


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