It turned out badly...
After doing a few air holes on the “in-side”, I turned the reed pan over...


Uuuh - bad mojo! All in vain, something is very wrong - back to the drawing board!

There I realised several things:

1) The distance from the wall to the edge of the routed track is too large – half the distance or the track being exactly in the corner would be better (on old instruments you sometimes see this distance being too small, to a degree that makes the router take away some of the wall, making it more fragile).

2) I hadn’t really been thinking about the air holes. Shame, shame.

3) I also realised that an adjustable end-stop for the air hole process probably would be a good idea.

Changing the distance to the wall means changing the router table: the 5 mm steel pin around which the reed pan can turn, is
not on the center line of the router table – if it was, we would rout right through the walls. So it is this offset that controls the distance from the track edge and the wall. And according to the photo, I need to decrease the offset.

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