Over the summer -
– I did other stuff, and prepared for three bellows: a replacement bellows, a tuning bellows and one for the instrument.


Then I got back to the router and changed the offset (I can hear some asking “Why not make it adjustable?”). Not so easy: the steel pin sits on a 2 mm, flat piece of brass that can slide back and forth – you can see it sticking out from under the reed pan in the photo below.

It is this movement that I use to adjust the position of the reed pan on the table. When the table is fully “in”, the dovetail router bit’s edge should be touching the half-moon shaped pencil marks you can see (you can also see them on the reed pan-in-progress in the Wheatstone film). The walls act as a reference for the tracks: the reed pan is turned until it hits the little brass arm (which has an adjustable end point), and then fixed.


IMG_1601 - version 2

Much better (the router is stopped in the middle of the “return movement” – there is still a little wood left to remove).

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