Reducing the button height
As mentioned before: Jürgens’s buttons are too long (for me). ”For me” means that I want them to go all the way down, so that you can feel the end plate on your finger tip. Most players don’t like it, but to me it is absolutely essential.

First, caps are removed with a touch of a 1.5 mm drill in the two, small indents in the side:


They are then easily pulled off:


Since the caps are approx. 2 mm higher than the part of the body they cover, all I need to do is cut of enough to make their inside hit the top of the body. Turned out to be 1.6 mm.

Cutting is done in a small fixture on one of my routers:


Aah! It’s like another planet! Simply amazing what 1.6 mm can do to the ”feel”:


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